IT-SEC = protect the information

SEC-OT = protect physical operations from information,
more specifically from attacks embedded in information

When the consequences of compromise are unacceptable – unscheduled downtime, impaired product quality and damaged equipment – IT-SEC defences are

 not enough. Secure Operations Technology (SEC-OT) is a perspective, a methodology, ansec-ot book1 700d a set of best practices pioneered at secure industrial sites:
  • SEC-OT demands cyber-physical protection for control-critical networks – because all software can be compromised. 
  • SEC-OT strictly controls the flow of information into control-critical networks from noncritical networks – because all information can encode attacks.
  • SEC-OT uses a wide range of attack capabilities to determine the strength of security postures – because nothing is secure.

Secure Operations Technology documents the SEC-OT perspective, methodology and best practices, including protection against both offline and online cyber attacks, as well as a set of twenty standard cyberattack patterns to use when evaluating the security of industrial sites.

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