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An Executive Lunch hosted by Waterfall Security Solutions and Optiv

Lunch Briefing with Andrew Ginter, Waterfall Security Solutions, and Andy Baker, Optiv Security

Wednesday, Jan 31 at 2:30 PM
The Peanut Farm, 5227 Old Seward Hwy, Anchorage

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The bad news: by even the most conservative measures, OT cyber incidents are increasing rapidly.

The good: INL's new Cyber Informed Engineering (CIE) initiative gives us powerful new tools and perspectives on OT security.

Eg: imagine you are the technician responsible for a half dozen massive boilers. If a boiler explodes, it will most likely kill you and anyone else nearby. How would you like to be protected from a cyber-attack that over-pressurizes a boiler? Would you prefer a mechanical valve relief that triggers when steam forces open mechanically, or would you rather have a longer password on the PLC controlling the boiler? We know which we would want! 

This is an invitation-only opportunity to join best-selling ICS / OT security author Andrew Ginter in an interactive discussion over lunch, exploring OT security threats, solutions, and new perspectives from CIE and from his latest book - Engineering-Grade OT Security: A Manager's Guide with an introduction by Andy Baker, Optiv Security.

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Learn from industry experts

Andrew Ginter 2021 500-500

Andrew Ginter
VP Industrial Security,
Waterfall Security Solutions


At Waterfall, Andrew leads a team of experts who work with the world's most secure industrial sites. He is the author of three books on OT security, co-author of the Industrial Internet Security Framework and UITP Guide to Cybersecurity in Rail System purchasing, and co-host of the Industrial Security Podcast.

Andy Baker
Regional Director,

Andy has spent a career developing many cutting-edge software solutions for both the IT and Telecommunications markets. For over a decade now, his focus has been on Cybersecurity, managing consulting professionals, and delivering critical business outcomes for his clients. For the last 3 years, his focus has been on the Pacific Northwest running Optiv’s most successful regional team.


The Peanut Farm
5227 Old Seward Hwy, Anchorage.